Australian competitor Ebanie Bridges extra pounds ‘impolite bully’ Shannon O’Connell after world title win

Ebanie Bridges says 'there's nothing like shutting up a bully' after demolishing fellow Aussie Shannon O'Connell to retain her IBF bantamweight world title and dethrone the 'queen of Australian boxing' with a stunning performance on Sunday

Aussie competitor Ebanie Bridges acquires the supreme triumph – divulging there is ‘definitely nothing like quiting speaking a bully’ after tearing down bitter completing Shannon O’Connell that called her a ‘skanky post professional dancer’ to preserve world title

  • Aussie competitor Ebanie Bridges mentions there is ‘definitely nothing like quiting speaking a bully’
  • Bridges positioned on a facility to defeat bitter completing Shannon O’Connell on Sunday
  • O’Connell has in fact over and over again fat-shamed the champ over her weight

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